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How to Cook Eggs in Rice Cooker

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Cooking Hard Boiled Eggs in Rice Cooker

Can you cook hard boiled eggs in rice cooker? This is the question I want to answer in this post. As an aspiring chef I have always experimented in the kitchen since it always makes me smile. In my latest cooking experiments I have started to experiment with cooking boiled eggs using a ordinary Rice Cooker.

So you might be thinking why a Rice Cooker? You might expect me to say that I came across this cooking method by chance on the internet since when you can find articles about almost anything on the internet and you would be right there are loads of articles that mention using an rice cooker to cook eggs. However my first experience of eggs being cooked in a rice cooker came at a friends house. After eating the eggs they had cooked using their rice cooker I had to give it a go.

So as fate would have it I had a Rice Cooker sitting on the shelf gathering dust, which I quickly dusted off to start experimenting.

For those of you not sure what a rice cooker is, its a small kitchen appliance mainly used to cook rice. It can steam and boil food to create tasty meals. If you worried about space then be reassured they are fairly compact appliances and do not take up much shelf or counter space.

If your interested in getting a rice cooker there are two types. You have electric rice cookers and not-electric models. I have used an electric rice cooker when cooking my eggs. (Click here to see Best Selling Electric Rice Cookers on Amazon)

The Method

 I would always recommend that you read the instructions that come with your unit to ensure you are using it safely. If you have lost the instructions you can usually find a copy of the instructions on the manufacturer’s website.

Here are the steps:

  • Using a measuring jug or similar item pour water into the cooker. The amount of water will differ based on whether you use a steamer plate or not. It make take a few attempts to get the water level right.
  • Some rice cooker models are supplied with a steamer plate. If you have one with your unit place it into the unit and add the eggs. If your unit does not come with a steamer plate don’t worry just place the eggs into the cooker, making sure there is enough water to cover the eggs.
  • Replace the lid and switch on the unit.
  • Select the steam function and your on your way.
  • So how do you know when you eggs are ready? If you watch the video below the cook uses a Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer that changes color as the eggs are cooker. The color change makes it easy to work out when the eggs are ready. All they do is place the timer into the cooker with the eggs. By keeping an eye on this egg timer they were able to take the eggs out at just the right time. (Click here to see the Norpo Egg Timer on Amazon).
  • If you don’t have an egg timer to hand this is where the experimentation comes in. If your after a soft boiled egg then it may take between 5-7 minutes, for hard boiled eggs it will take longer you may need 10-12 minutes.
  • As soon as you remove the eggs from the cooker place them into a bowl of cold water. The change in temperature will help make peeling soft boiled eggs easier.

The great thing with using a Rice Cooker is that you can cook the eggs with rice at the same time so you get a complete meal in one go. The instructions in this case a the same as above but you will need to experiment with the water level and cooking time to get the desired results.

Important Things to Remember

Always ensure that the unit’s lid is secure since the eggs are cooked using steam so if you leave the lid un-secure it may escape so will affect the cooking result and cooking time.

This cooking method does require some experimentation to get right but for me that’s what makes it so satisfying. If you want to use a more consistent method to cook your eggs you make want to consider a microwave egg cooker or a counter top egg cooker.

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