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Follow the steps in this post and you will be eating perfectly cooked eggs in no time.

When you unbox your egg cooker you should find:

  • Egg Cooker
  • Omelette Tray
  • Poached Egg Tray
  • Measuring Cup
  • Boiled Egg Tray
  • Lid
  • Tray Handle

In these instructions we will go through the steps you will need to follow to cook boiled eggs.

  1. Pick up the measuring cup and using the measuring lines on the side fill the cup to the top line if you want hard boiled eggs.
  2. Add the water from the measuring cup to the egg cooker.
  3. Place the boiled eggs tray into the egg cooker.
  4. Place the Egg Tray handle onto the egg tray.
  5. Use the pin on the bottom of the measuring cup to  prick a small hold at the bottom of the eggs your are about to cook.
  6. Place the egg onto the egg tray with the end that has a hole facing the lid of the cooker.
  7. Place the lid onto the cooker and rotate it until it locks in place.
  8. Connect the cooker to a power supply
  9. Press the on button at the front of the unit
  10. Wait for your cooked eggs. For soft boiled eggs it can take about 6 minutes, medium boiled 8 minutes and hard boiled 10-12 minutes.

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